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Multi-Diet Service in your "fitness Center"?

     Fitness Center + Diet + Aesthectic Total Health care system

 Discriminative Operation
Shop in shop business Connection between Fitness business

Discriminative System
Develop new exercise programs in an existing facility

Discriminative Service
Satisfy people's needs about healthy& Beauty

  The body composition for men and women of all ages is based upon and tested against exact data established through underwater weight measurement. Show actual measurement and recommended values for body composition.

FIT-Gene : Therapy and Management to test these categories (Gene, Obesity, Cardiac Disorder, Metabolism, etc)

FIT-Therapy : Remove Local Cellulite and Body Reshaping with obesity specialized 3Mh Ultra Sonic Equipment (Medical Option : Hydrolipoclasia treatment)

FIT-Exercise : Whole body vibration exercise provides all the benefits of 'weight training' without the effort for the whole body, depending on the selected frequency, position and time.

FIT-Treatment is a kind of Combinational Stimulator for Beauty Use with three functions such as ultrasonic massager, skin scrubber and ion.

FIT-Shop : Cosmetic & supplement Shop in shop (Anti-Ageing Products) Maximize moisturizing and cell reproduction of your skin with using anti-aging Cosmetic Products containing Resvera elements. Providing Personal Nutrition Supplement to prevent unbalanced nutrition from the low calorie meals. Supplying the products which designed to verify Body Fat Burning thru Urine test.

FIT-WELL Space Concept

TOAS-FIT Lay out (Standard Size: 534 sf) Basis space presentation for TOAS-FIT

Structure :(1) Waiting Room  
 (2) Information Desk
 (3) FIT-Check &Gene Room (1EA)
 (4) FIT-Exercise Room (1EA)
 (5) FIT- Treatment Room (1EA)
 (6) Locker Room(1EA)
(7) FIT-Therapy Room (1EA)
Display as every fitness feature