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This training session is focused on emphasis of learning to manage obesity clinics effectively and efficiently, also purposed to distinguish differences with other clinics and competitiveness.

Minimizing the risks when opening an obesity business and endowing with capabilities to provide the highly qualified services to customers. Meaning to operate an obesity clinic efficiently and guarantee the profitability.

- Class 1 is acknowledging about the items to follow basically such as the images of Clinic, Doctors, Staffs, Interior, and Equipments when opening an Obesity Clinic.

Definition and Implications in Obesity
- Class 2 is supporting doctors to determine effectively and exactly with providing the increasing rates raise concern due to their implications for patients' health and being obese increases the risk of many diseases and health conditions. when consulting with patients.

Nutrition and Exercise
- Class 3 is stating how to guide the programs of nutrition and exercise which are based on achieving the goals of weight and body-shape for the patients.

Medication and Treatment
- Class 4 is to provide appropriate amount and the use of medication with illustrating some cases to apply medication methods in order to fulfill satisfactory of the patients.

Life Style Modification
- Class 5 is to show how it is important to treat with a Life Style Modification and how to manage the obesity programs by oneself.

Obesity and Gene
- Class 6 is to present Gene Test correlation with obese patients and experiments providing prevalence of obesity and treatment for a complication and other disease from obesity.

Prevalence of Current Obesity Treatment
- Class 7 is introducing the characteristics, merits, and week points of obesity treatments in the clinics. also helps to determine which treatment methods will fit for the patients perfectly.

Operation of the Equipment and Practice
- Class 8 is providing opportunities to utilize the equipments that have experimented through clinical demonstrations and introducing the equipments with application in the clinical field.