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This training session is to train an obesity coordinator professionally and practically who is dealing with patients much more than doctors in the clinic since it is not easy to spend more time to train an obesity coordinator than a doctor.

Enabling the capabilities of obesity coordinators to provide the well organized and highly qualified services with creating clinical image and profits.

Definition and Implications in Obesity
- Class 1 is to support obesity coordinators to make correct decision with presenting clinical testimonies when consulting with the patients.

- Class 2 is stating basically what to do, and how to consult as an obesity coordinator and will show the manners and communication skills in adequate understanding for obesity coordinator.

Nutrition and Exercise
- Class 3 is stating how to guide the programs of nutrition and exercise which are based on achieving the goals of weight and body-shape for the patients.

Obesity and Gene
- Class 4 is to present Gene Test correlation with obese patients and experiments providing prevalence of obesity and treatment for a complication and other disease from obesity..

Life Style Modification
- Class 5 is to show how it is important to treat with a Life Style Modification and how to manage the obesity programs by oneself.

- Class 6 is the discussion session that obesity expert who is an obese coordinator will address the speech about the process of treatment, reaction after treatment, patient's management, and experiences while a expert handles the patients. This session is designed to handle the patients effectively and professionally.

Field Trip
- Class 7 is to give an opportunity to visit obesity clinic and show how space, personnel, and equipments are being operated. So let obese coordinator feel and question about a primary role, operating method, and equipment description.