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Nicare Skin is a kind of Combinational Stimulator for Beauty Use with three functions such as ultrasonic massager, skin scrubber and ion.

Nicare Skin helps scrubbing, massage, refreshing of skin and prevents aging of skin through three functions

As the effect, management of perfect skin is available.
Nicare Skin is a device that the best same effect can be acquired just as each specialized device is used.


Characteristic of NICARE SKIN

Combinational Stimulator with three functions such as ultrasonic massager, skin scrubber and ion.
Possibility of simultaneous use of 3 functions - Management of perfect skin is available
It can be sued for 3 persons at the same time (save time)
Using micro shock, minimize the stimulation of skin
Beautiful external appearance and strong durability
All operations are available in one display.


Detail Program

Skin Scrubber Program
- Cleansing Mode : Skin scrubber eliminates dirt and waste matter in skin pores. So, skin whitening and peeling effects are expected.
- Scaling Mode : Effect of cleansing, sterilization, peeling of skin
- Massage Mode : Effect of anti-aging of skin by effect of micro massage
- Lifting Mode : Intermittent stimuli is presented to skin from skin scrubber to make skin more resilient.

Iontophoresis Program
Nicare Skin prevent skin aging because of infiltrated validity active component (vitamin C or AMPLE) in skin using wave of electric current.

Ultrasound Program
Ultrasonic massager used to burn fat, to strengthen cytoplasm and to make the blood circulate more freely in skin


Application Field

Micro massage : Improvement of skin penetration and cellular shock
Thermotherapy : Activation of cellular metabolism
Cleansing : Removal of waste matter by the cavitation
Moisturizing : Strengthen skin moisturizing
Absorption : Effective permeation and absorption of ability drugs and nutritive substance
Circulation : Extension of vein, acceleration of lymph flowing
Dissolution of fat : Promotion of fat burning by ultrasonic micro shock


Application Field

Skin Wrinkle treatment
Skin Cleansing
Skin Lifting
Skin Moisturizing
Skin Peeling



Power source
AC 220V / 60Hz
Skin Scrubber
Power consumption
200VA Max
Max 2 Ma
480(W) x 350(D) x 141(H)
Ultrasonic Massage
1 MHz