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About FIT-X

FIT-X is a science-based training system which increases muscle strength, power and physical performance.
It provides a mechanical stimulus in the form of oscillatory motion that is delivered to the entire body
FIT-X provides all the benefits of 'weight training' without the effort for the whole body, depending on the selected frequency, position and time.



Characteristic of FIT-X

Vibration training for losing body fat and weight
Programs personalized towards ages, body parts and skill levels
Program levels: Warming-up, exercise finishes with cooling-down
Hand-held remote switch
A strap to send vibration to a certain part of the body
Largest LCD screen available
Easy-to-use and convenient control panel
A safety bar for users
A slim and cool design


Detail Program

Normal mode
Normal mode allows users to create their own exercise program. Users can personally program frequency,
time and positions. Users can choose the parts of the body they wish to stimulate, helping them to achieve
their exercise goals.

Program mode
Program mode there's no need for the user to set the program: the program is already included in the system itself.
This program is tailored to user traits and exercise goals, allowing safe and personalized exercise.

It targets a certain muscle part for expert use.
Chest / Back / Shoulder / Biceps / Triceps / Abdomen / Thigh / Gluteus / Calves / Whole Body1 / Whole Body2

It has various levels for user progression, allowing users to exercise without professional knowledge.
Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Excellence / Athlete / Senior

The program can help to treat a certain symptom effectively and safely.
Circulation / Flexibility / Relaxation / Massage / Bone Effect / Fat Burning


Physical Effect FIT-X

Muscle : Increased muscle strength and power
Bone : Stronger bones and joints
Blood Vessels System : Improved blood circulation
Hormones : Increased growth hormones, increased male hormones
Obesity : Reduced cellulite and fat
Others : Eases chronic pains, helps skin intensity


Application Field

Hospital (Geriatric Medicine/ Anti-aging Clinic / Rehabilitation Clinic / Physical therapy)
Health / Fitness center
Cosmetic Center
Spa & Sauna
Silver center



Power source
AC 220V
1 ~ 30 minutes
Power consumption
Graphic STN LCD
800(W) X 780(D) X 1432(H)