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About Hydro-X

Non-surgical technique for the remodeling of small corporal areas like the lower abdomen, hips knees, flanks and arms.

It consists of applying a saline solution with infiltrative mixture which dissolve the fat, later those are applied to ultrasonic waves (3Mhz) that when transmitting itself through watery means break the greasy cells producing an emulsion water-oil.

This technique requires between 5 and 10 sessions with a weekly interval.


Characteristic of Hydro-X

Only for Hydrolipoclasia treatment
3Mhz wide head
Provide 5 optional modes
Indicate machine status through LCD Display
Easy to use
Modern Style Appearance


Detail Function

Micro Massage - High speed vibrations provide a deep tissue Micro massage

Warm - Stimulate the flow of blood and lymph
Cleanness - Cavitation Process
Moisture - Prevent to lose moisture from the skin
Absorption - Absorbing Functional Liquid and Nutrition
Circulation - Extending a blood vessel and accelerating the flow of lymph



Power source
AC 220V
Time Relative humidity
30~ 85%
Frequency band
60KHz ± 20%
Ultrasound Frequency
330(W) X 860(D) X 376(H)