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About Health Keeper-X

Underwater weighing, known as "Archimedes principle", is the most accurate method for measuring body fat.
Underwater weighing measures body density in water to determine exact body fat quantity.
Usually, density of fat is lower than density of muscle or bone groups.
Therefore, a person who has a lot of muscles is more apt to sink in water than a person who has a lot of fat.
It is desirable for an impedance measuring system to produce values similar to underwater weighing values.
However, clinical experiments are needed to achieve this goal.


Characteristics of Health Keeper-X

Repeatability : Can exactly measure body fat regardless of sex and age by using experimental hydrospace weight measurement data for various population sub-groups. (Less than ±0.5% error in body fat easurement)

Accuracy of abdominal obesity measurement : All abdomen FAT amounts and WHR(waist and hip ratio) estimated values are provided through abdominal CT photographing research data and waist circumference measurement.

The accuracy of measurement is increased : By connecting electrodes to the finger and ankle contact area is reduced and the accuracy of results are increased.

Short measurement time : Complete measurements taken in 10 seconds with printed results in only 1 minute.

Touch screen and voice guidance system : Easy to follow instruction through a touch screen and voice guidance system.

No need to go barefoot : Because direct skin contact is achieved by using the ankle electrodes.


Detail Function

Body composition analysis
Show actual measurements and recommended values for body composition
Graph of body composition distribution

Evaluation/body fat distribution
Mark index standard weight and body fat rate
Evaluation of body fat distribution

Target weight
Progressive weight loss planning as represented by 1st target weight and the ultimate 2nd target weight
Show regulation target of fat mass and muscle mass

Abdominal Obesity chart
WHR and whole abdomen FAT values of area displayed


Application Field

Health / Fitness center
Beauty shop
Spa & Sauna
Silver center



Power source110-240 ACRelative humidity30~85 %
Power consumption 25 VAOperation Temperature10~40 ℃
Weight41.5 KgSize498(W) X 1375(H) X 850(D)