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Pharmaco Overview

Develop personalized functional foods and efficacious  groups of future drugs by utilizing pharmacogenomic technology.

Pharmacodesign Ltd. presently possesses the highest level of technology in the fields of SNP analysis and bio-statistics in Korea.
We are continuously investing on technological advances through educational-industrial collaborations with, but not limited to KAIST, Korea University Life Sciences department and Daejon University Traditional Oriental Medicine department.

“progressively developing services and products to supply you with the optimal medicine and food products that match genetic weaknesses.”

Pharmaco Business Focus

Pharmaco Service & Products

Pharmacogenomics is a rather new field of study, originating from the discipline of pharmaceutical studies and genomics. This new synergistic discipline is the study of how the genetic makeup of an individual affects the effect of a drug.
After the HGP (Human Genome Project) was concluded and a map of the human genome was released, high-throughput experiments have become possible and more useful than ever. The finishing of HGP has also brought changes in the processing, storing and analysis of experimental data.
Valid Substance Research
Based on SNP analysis technology, we are able to screen active substances more efficiently to arrive at a candidate substance. When developing a candidate substance from an oriental medicinal prescription, using our active substance searching technology will save you time and money. Also, gene searching can provide for a primary poison and effect test of the food which is more efficient.