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Cubenet Business Model


Cubenet Competitive Power

Angel Diet Contents


○ Clinic Angel : Information of Obesity
○ DaJung Angel : Diet Information, Diet on style
○ KongKong Angel : Exercise Information
○ Yamni Angel : Nutritional information

○ Diet Of Star : Star multimedia
○ Well-being Life of star
○ Dayote Wow : Diet talk, Road Interview,
○ Selfish Camera etc, made by members


Angel Diet intro.

○ Automatic program for nutrition
○ Calories of exercise, recommended, calculator for recommended calories
○ BMI, Abdominal fat
○ Checking for table habit
○ Consultation with specialists on every different fields

○ 350,000 members in Angel Club, Angel Community



New project for Diet
○ Diet Food
○ Pass through clinical test in BAEK hospital in Sanggye, Seoul
○ Fluent nutrients(protein, vitamin,mineral)
○ Garsiniacambodia (HCA)
○ Substitution for meal

2.4 Diet
○ Effect on diet and constipation
○ Reducing weight +constipation +control body fat
○ puring water, liquefied sugar, polydextros, aloe essence, vitamin, etc..
○ Type:Health Functional Food

Fibe Mini Jelly
○ No carbonic acid, no fat, jelly type drink
○ Including fiber of 4000mmg is same amount of cucumber 1, lettuce 1pc
○ Vitamin C, Natrium
○ Type: Mixed type drink

F&B Redew-Fat Diet Fiber
○ made with fermented soybeans of Korea
○ Vitamin, mixed 8 kinds of Minerals
○ Fiber, Green tea powder
○ Garsiniacambodia (HCA) powder 5%
○ Type: Health Functional Food

○ Occupying 1/3Purun market of the world
○ No addition, 100% Natural food
○ The highest Anti-aging index between fruits
○ Fluent minerals including
○ Good to constipation

Slim Health Stix
○ Urine Test Sheet
○ Easy to check the status of fat burning with urine
○ Decision of 4 Kinds of color changing
○ Diet assistant product